Frequently Asked Questions :
Q1. Why do I need to use water leak detection service?
  • To accurately and efficiently locate the leak.
  • To prevent mistakes in guessing where the leak is originating.
  • To minimize dust and noise pollution due to trial hacking to locate the leak.
  • To locate the leak when others have given up.
  • To save cost by avoiding extensive renovation to locate the leak
  • To clear doubts as to whose premises is leaking when two or more units are affected.
  • To avoid animosity between neighbours leading to lawsuits.
  • To relieve stress and frustration caused by the leak
  • To prevent power outage caused by water ingress into the electrical system.
  • To locate the leak quickly thus preventing falls on wet slippery floor.
  • To prevent further water damage to property caused by the leak.
  • To prevent conflicting views given by others without going through the investigation process.
Q2. Is there a guarantee that you will find the leak?
We guarantee to find the leak provided you take up all our recommendations to
facilitate the investigation process.

Q3. Can you provide repairs after locating the leak?
Yes, we can. Cost of repairs will be quoted separately.

Q4. How long is your guarantee period for repairs?
One year on the repaired portion unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

Q5. How do you charge?
Our rates are in line with the complexity of the work. Customers choose to use our
services because of cost savings and guaranteed results.

Q6. Is there any transport charge for site visit?
Transport charge $20.00 per trip for site visit.

Q7. What equipment do you use?
We use a range of equipment from electronic pipe locater, electronic leak detector,
closed circuit inspection TV and a range of equipment to suit the site conditions.

Q8. How long do you take to detect a leak?
It depends on the complexity of the job, for example a simple job, usually take one day
and complicated job takes longer.

Q9. Will there be noise and dust during the investigation process?
Investigation is usually a noiseless and dustless affair. In certain cases minor drilling
and hacking may be required. However, the noise and dust generated can be easily
tolerated by a normal person.

Q10. How do I engage your service?
Follow the 3 steps approach:-
  1. Arrange for site visit.
    Site visit is for us to verify the complain, assess the damage and gather case history.
    After site visit, a quotation for investigation to locate the leak will be submitted for your consideration.
  2. After acceptance of quotation and receipt of downpayment, investigation works starts.
    Investigation works to locate the leak will be carried out.
    After the leak is found, a quotation for rectification, if required, can be submitted for your consideration.
  3. After acceptance of quotation, carry out rectification works.
    Rectification works to stop the leak will be carried out.
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