Accurate Location of Leaks in Concealed Pipes.

Use of advance electronic equipment to detect water leaks.

Why are we special?
  1. Able to locate exact leaking point.
  2. Able to trace pipes without plans.
  3. Able to detect leaks when others have given up.
  4. Able to trace all types of metal pipes with 100% accuracy.
  5. Able to prove our track records by video of actual jobs.

Advantages :
  1. No need to guess where is the leaking point.
  2. No need to waste money to renovate the affected area.
  3. No need to hack unnecessary spots to locate pipe.
  4. No need to obtain floor plans.
  5. No need to re-run complete pipe system.
  6. No need to engage in expensive law suits.
  7. No need to pay excessive water bills due to serious leaks.
Note : Complete repairs can be provided on a separate charge.

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